Brush away

I've always dreaded washing my hair because that meant I had to deal with my tangles. What a chore, until I tried the Wet Brush. It's the best thing since slice bread and I am still in awe. 

I literally didn't even have to tug on my hair to brush through my tangles. The brush just did it's magic. The only product that I had in my hair was a deep conditioner that I always use and leave in my hair for 2 minutes. I feel as if I have been missing out all my life. This brush is amazing and not to mention totally affordable. 

I got my Wet Brush from my local Walmart for $9.99 but you can get this brush from anywhere. Amazon carries them too. And they have an assortment of colors and designs. My pick, of course, was the stylish brush with white and black strips adorned with roses. 

I cannot recommend this brush enough so what are you waiting for? Go and buy your brush! It's literally life changing!