Book Review: Life of Lies

I just finished reading "Life of Lies" by Sharon Sala. My thoughts on the book? Well, it was good at first then everything was sped up. The characters were not fully developed and the author just wrapped everything up to end the novel.
"Life of Lies" is about a famous movie star who is wanted dead. By who? No one knows. The killer has killed her mother, who wasn't even her biological mother to begin with, and killed her father later on as well. The main character was in hiding during the most of the story in her childhood home in New Orleans. She, Sahara Travis, hated her so called "parents" because they pretty much only kept Sahara around for show. She was a trophy child if you will, who was mistreated when the neighborhood wasn't peering into the Travis family's life.
Because she was a famous movie star under attack she needed a body guard. Enter Brendan McQueen a muscular handsome bodyguard. He of course becomes Sahara's love interest in the story and the author adds a few sex scenes to spice things up.
But lets rewind a bit, Sahara's biological mother is the help who Sahara's father cheated on his wife with. Sahara's fake mother could not have kids so she takes in Sahara and has the neighborhood believe it's her daughter to cover up her husband's fling and her infertility. When the neighbors weren't around Sahara would hang around with the help, her real mother. Sahara knew that the help was her mother and always had love for her. At eighteen Sahara's "parents" kicked Sahara out of the mansion and told her that the help had quit and left without a trace. Feeling alone and abandon Sahara moves to Hollywood and eventually becomes a successful actress. She even has an assistant.
At the end of the story the killer is Sahara's half-brother who was another child of her father's with another woman. Mr. Travis just procreated and gave women money to keep their mouths shut. Because of all that money the killer wanted the Travis family dead so that he can become the heir. The bodyguard comes up with a plan to kill the killer and it works yada yada yada....Sahara and the bodyguard get married and they live happily ever after, the end.
See, even my review kept you wondering why I mentioned certain things. That's exactly the way the book makes you feel when you finish it. Confused and filled with unanswered questions. I feel like the author could have done more with the plot but she didn't. I give this book a 2.5 out of 5 stars since I did read it to the end. Some parts kept me interested but it lacked more development.