Changing my facial cleansing method to oils

Hello beautiful people! I know I haven't written anything in a while and its because I have been busy with work and when i'm not busy with work, I have been too lazy to write. My apologies, but today I have a blog for you about skincare. For a little over a week I have been cleaning my face with oil. Yes, that's right, I said oil. If you haven't heard of the oil cleansing method well then let me introduce you to it. The oil cleansing method is the use of different oils to wash your face instead of using harsh facial cleansers that strip off the natural oils off your face. The oils are safe to digest so if they're safe to digest they're safe to put on your face. At least that's the whole idea behind it. Different oils are mixed together depending on your skin type to make a recipe that's right for your skin. I have extremely sensitive skin and combination skin. My forehead is always super oily and the rest of my face is pretty sensitive but fairly normal when it comes to getting oily. I hate it because my forehead is always shining and it makes me look like a greasy hot mess, eww. I have been using the same facial cleanser for years and I am always hesitate about switching to something else because my face tends to breakout with new products until it [my face] gets use to the new product. But I have wanted to try out this new facial cleansing trend for a while now so I decided to be brave and go for it. At first I only used the oil cleansing method on my forehead and continued to use my regular facial cleanser, Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser, on the rest of my face. I did that for a week and had no major breakouts on my forehead so I introduced the oil cleansing method to the rest of my face. My forehead still gets oily, which I was hoping this cleansing method would reduce that but nope or at least not yet. The rest of my face has gotten some minor breakouts but i'm not sure if that's because my face is getting use to the oils or that's just how my face rolls. I have never really been clear of zits, like since I became an adolescent so I can't really put the whole blame on the oils. But I haven't gotten a terrible reaction to the oils so far. My face feels clammy and soft when I wipe off the oils with a warm damp cloth. It takes a while to get use to the feeling but I don't think feeling like my face is clammy is necessarily a bad thing. The oils I have been using are castor oil, which is an astringent; grape seed oil, which is anti-inflammatory; and olive oil, which is moisturizing. I mix 1/3 castor oil and 2/3 grape seed oil with a few drops of olive oil, like 8 drops. There are other oils you can use that work for your skin type so do your research and experiment with it. I decided to start with these oils because it was a recipe I found online for oily skin types expect that it didn't call for olive oil. But since I've used olive oil to treat my eczema and it's given me great results, I wanted to incorporate that oil into my recipe as well. I recommend you start by a section of your face like I did before you get a bad reaction on your whole face. To wash the oils off your face you just need a clean towel and warm water to open up your pores and gently wipe the oils off your face, after you have massaged them on for about five minutes. If you have makeup on you just apply the oil to your face and begin massaging. You do not need to use a makeup remover wipes to wipe off your makeup beforehand. And yes, I know you may feel hesitate to do that and so was I but it worked. Just remember to be gentle while you wipe off the oils off your face with a clean warm cloth so that you don't irritate your face too much. Let me know in the comments if this works for you and I will keep you updated on any notable changes on my face.