Update on the oil cleansing method

So I went back to my original facial cleaning ways (with Cetaphil gentle facial cleanser and Garnier’s dark spot corrector with pure Vitamin C) because my skin just went out of whack. And I can't really put the blame on the oil cleansing method because I think my diet during the month of December did more harm than the oils. The month of December was a hard month to commit to eating healthy. There was so much good, sugary, and fatty foods around me, I couldn't resist. But now I’m paying for it. And as if holiday food wasn't bad enough, I also went to a lot of fast food restaurants because I was too lazy to cook. Shame on me!
My unhealthy ways continued into 2018 until I finally cooked something healthy on the 19th of January. Yeah, it was bad. Whoops! Big whoops….Anyways, it's time to turnover a new leaf. Now I am trying to reset my body and I even took a laxative last night.
I feel as good as one can feel while your system is releasing the “funk” ingested overtime. And I use that term loosely. Get it? Ha! With that being done, I have decided to start an elimination diet. About six months ago I heard about this diet which helps you define, via trial and error, what foods your system has sensitivity or intolerance to. It’s pretty interesting but a lot of hard work and commitment. If you want to learn more about elimination diets read my next blog.


P.S Eat healthy!