Update on the elimination diet

Hello my beauties! It's day 34 of my elimination diet and it's been hard but I love it. I've been eating the same foods for 34 days now, with the exception of the foods I’m reintroducing, and luckily I am not tired of the basic food diet yet. I'm obsessed with the Rice Chex cereal and a lot of the times I eat it as a snack. I've gone through so many boxes of it already, it's crazy. I even have a family size cereal box at my job. Yes, I am obsessed. I love the Gluten-free rice as well, the other stuff it's getting tiring but I don't hate it yet. So that’s good!

The hardest thing about this diet is being social and having good food around me during those social events. I tend to not make many plans to socialize, unless it's someone's birthday or a special event. Staying committed to a diet when you have chicken wings, pizza, chili dip, alcohol etc. in front of you is so incredibly hard but surprisingly I have stayed committed. With this diet you can't have a cheat meal because it messes up the whole diet so you have to be extremely, emphasis on extremely, strict. The only time I had something that I wasn't supposed to have has been while I was out being social and I just had a Kava tea. This is why I just rather not, be social while on this diet. If people want to socialize with me they can join me on one of my workouts. You can't eat while you work out so it works. 

Moving along, I am currently in the reintroduction portion of the diet. In my opinion, it's the easier phase to be in during the diet because when you reintroduce a food group back into your diet it feels like a treat. So far I have observed that corn irritates my skin and makes me go to the toilet for number 2. Dairy makes my stomach hurt and makes my face oily. This is interesting and good to know. 

Well, that is all I have for you on this update until next time my beauties!