Elimination Diet Results

It has been quite a long journey with this diet. 69 long days to be exact. I'm glad it's finally over!!

Although, it was tough and challenging at times, I am happy I did it. Now I know, how my body reacts to certain foods and can choose to stay away from them or not.

You always read or hear on that news that so and so foods are bad for you, but you never fully understand why? And with each person being so different it's hard to say, what's bad or just a fad. Like Gluten intolerance people...I mean, some people do have a gluten intolerance, but others just think it's part of a healthier choice to be gluten free and that's not the case at all. To me, gluten foods did not cause any adverse reactions. I digested it well and it didn't make me puffy nor bloated. Corn; however, was a different story. Corn irritated my skin and made my skin oily. Not a good look for me but now I know. The only bad thing is that a lot of things have corn hidden in them. Candy has corn syrup and corn chips obviously have corn. So, chips and salsa will have to be potato chips and salsa. That may take some getting used to. But with that knowledge comes alternatives to foods that do more harm than good!

So, in retrospect, fancy word I know, the diet thought me more about myself and how to take care of myself from the inside out. I do recommend this diet. Just be prepared to commit to it because 69 days, or longer depending on what foods/ food group you decide to test, is a long time when you are going through it...a very long time! But if you like a challenge then you'll do just fine. 

If you would like to use it, the link below is the Elimination Diet Log I created and used to record my data.

Kisses and hugs my beauties, until next time!