Healthy Meal Delivery Plan

Lately, I haven’t been in the mood of cooking. I look at the kitchen and I’m just like ugh, not today. All the chopping of vegetables, the slaving away in a hot kitchen and then the cleaning...yeah that’s not something I want to do on my barely-there time off from work. But I still want to make sure I’m eating healthy. Cue in Fit Meals Club Nutrition. 
I discovered them by googling healthy meal plans in my area. They had an Instagram page and I of course, was deep into it. I mean, a girl needs to see what she is going to be eating.

Since, this was my first time starting a meal plan, I wanted to start with a basic plan. For 5 meals and 5 snacks I paid $53.50 a week. This surprisingly also includes the delivery of the meals to my house. If you don’t think that’s a good deal, then I don’t know what to tell you. On average, I was paying around 11 bucks or more for a decent meal when I didn’t bring my own lunch to work. And by the way, I had to go pick up the food or have it delivered. No bueno!  

This meal plan gave me life, a healthy one. The only thing that I miss about bringing in my own cooked meals is the portion. I eat, and I eat a lot and the portion size of this meal plan leaves me hungry at times. But they always have plenty of veggies, good carbs and a good amount of protein. They don’t let you choose what meals your going to get which is fine by me because I’m not too picky and I like surprises. It makes my day every time I see that big brown bag because I am always curious to see what I am going to be eating next. It's like Christmas for me, or should I say Thanksgiving?

Fit Meals Club Nutrition always delivers every week day from 9AM to noon. Typically, I eat the delivery the next day because I am already at work by the time my meal gets to my house. They want me at work at 7AM sometimes depending on what is happening in the week. It’s so brutal but it is what it is.

I give them a 4 out of 5 stars because there hasn’t been a meal where I’m like “yuck, I won’t eat this”, but I wish their portions were bigger. So there you have it folks, my review on Fit Meals Club Nutrition. Here’s the link if you would like to try it  for yourself or if you wan to do your own research on it.

Until later my pretties. 😙