30-day water challenge

Lately, I have been feeling a little dehydrated, so I have decided to do a 30-day water challenge. To begin this challenge, some calculation is required. You must drink half of your body weight in ounces for a whole 30 days. I weigh 110 pounds and that divided by two is 55. So that means, I must drink 55 ounces of water daily for 30 days. 

After you figure out the math part, you need to take a before picture of your face to see the difference that drinking enough water makes in clearing up your face and making it look healthier. Because who doesn’t love clear skin? To begin my challenge, I wanted to find a water bottle that I wouldn’t have to keep refilling throughout the day. Warning, you waste a lot of time going to the bathroom with this challenge and I didn’t want to add another activity that wastes more time. Time is money and you must work smarter not harder. 

I choose a 3-liter bottle which is a little excessive but if I fill is up half way that equals to 1.5 liters. Which in ounces is 50. To top it off at 55 ounces, I add a little more water and boom its approximately 55 ounces! 

To drink this water, it is important to set timely goals. You can make marks with a permanent marker on your water bottle with time marks to give you a visual of where you should be at throughout the day. Or do like me. My water bottle has lines so instead of making marks I just made a mental note of where I should be at throughout the day. I don’t wake up or go to sleep at the same time everyday so making set times for drinking water doesn’t really work for me. Another good thing to use to keep you on tract is, using a water reminder app. These are usually free and available in the apple store or google play.  

Now, the question is, can you can you do it? Ready? Set. Go!