Review: Second Act movie

A movie with the well-known Jennifer Lopez, always catches my attention. Second Act, now in theaters, is about a 40-year-old low-income grocery store assistant manager who has applied to the store manager position. Her education? A GED. With many other qualified candidates applying to the same job she has a slim chance of being the chosen one. Because she is of a matured age, a woman and is "uneducated" it is no surprised that she didn't get the job offer. Frustrated with her new store manager who is into lame group building exercises she decides to quit and starts applying to other job.

Second Act.png

It's her birthday and her wish is that, she wasn't seen as this uneducated woman who has no business applying for a higher up job. She wishes that street smarts were viewed the same way as book smarts. Her Godson, who is in the room while she is making her birthday wish, then thinks of an idea. He goes behind her back and creates an appealing resume where it states that she graduated from an Ivy League. 

In my opinion the movie was fun, funny and keep you captivated; however, the story went too fast and could have been a little more developed. The movie reminded me of Maid in Manhattan another movie where Jennifer Lopez stars in. So, if you liked Maid in Manhattan then go see this movie. If you didn't like Maid in Manhattan, then wait for this movie to come out on the small screen. 

Overall, I would give this movie, on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best rating, a solid 7. 

Go and enjoy yourself! Until next time my readers.