Wax Upon a Time

Candles are great until you get tired of the scent half way through the candle. Boring!!! Cue in wax melts, yes those little cubes of scented goodness. I always loved them because you can change up the scents every so often. The only issue with the wax melts are the mess that comes along with changing the scents. Do you change it when its hot or when the wax has harden? For the record, I have tried both ways and well, I always end up with a big mess. I'm like a big kid, I can literally make a mess out of anything...

Recently, I came across Flipp-ins. Which are cute little liners for the wax melts. They are made especially for the wax melts and can resist burning temperatures. Cooled down wax does not stick to the liners so they are easy to remove and the liners are reusable. The liners come in a 10 pack baggie and they basically look like cup cake liners. Very cute.  Honestly, I don't even know how I came across these magical liners but I am in love! Like who searches for stuff like this? I didn't even know I needed this in my life.

Right now they are sold on Amazon at $12.97 https://www.amazon.com/FLIPPINS-ACCESSORY-Electric-Warmers-REUSABLE/dp/B078T89STP

Do you think it's worth the price? Let me know in the comments. xoxo